Monday, February 3, 2014

Fortune Cookie Factory Adventure

After a double decker bus ride across the Golden Gate and  tulip festival in Pioneer Square and gorgeous red lanterns in Chinatown and the barking seals at Pier 39 /  Fisherman’s Warf and watching the America’s Cup sailboats race around choppy Alcatraz waves and all the dirty hippies at Haight / Ashbury  and the cool grass at the Presidio and yummy  Ghiradeli Square chocolates and vanilla shakes at Mel’s Drive In and falling for Kim Novak at Mission San Juan Bautista and  City Light Books and Zoetrope and the Museums of Beats and shrines to Dashiell Hammet, and Robert Louis Stevenson… I was ready for the final leg of the San Francisco journey.
So we rode the cable car up to Lombard Street…
And zig-zagged our way down in a most dizzying manner.   
Then split up… Kinu and Xian going with Mom to Japan Town for some sushi…(and secret shopping, I would come to find out)
Escape from the Umbrellas!
While Rebekah and I got some much needed Dad / Daughter time having an adventure of our own, looking for the famous San Francisco Fortune Cookie Factory.  Through ancient alley ways of Chinatown we searched.  Heading down dead end lanes and up shadowy paths that snaked through secret passageways, finally, we came upon a little side street with no markings.
Inside a small green door at the alley's end, a group of old ladies were seated beside clanking and crunching machines twisting and turning the warmed gooey dough into shell shaped goodies with the little white paper fortunes inside.  Rebekah spoke Chinese to the woman at the door who growled incomprehensibly.  No matter, we bought a ziplock bag full of cookies and headed back to our meet at Pioneer Square.  Imagine our chagrin, when we arrived ready to rub their noses in our adventure, only to find all three... wearing new Kimonos.

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