Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mad Men "Carousel" Moments at Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco

“Well, technology is a glittering lure.  But there is a rare occasion when the public can be engaged on a level beyond flash… if they have a sentimental bond with the product.”  -Don Draper, The Wheel

Unplugged the phone.  Turned the answer machine off.  Didn't check the email or texts.  Just put my head down and lived the full life of a father for these girls.
“Teddy told me the most important idea in advertising is ‘new.’  It creates an itch.  You simply put your product in there as a kind of calamine lotion.”  -Don Draper, The Wheel

Skipped stones, taped kites together out of newspaper, ran up and down those funny piano stairs playing chopsticks that sounded like a Beethoven Sonata.  Threw back our heads and laughed.
“He also talked about a deeper bond with a product: nostalgia.  It’s delicate, but potent.”  -Don Draper, The Wheel

I didn't miss a thing.  I saw and felt and understood every second of it.
“Teddy told me that in Greek, nostalgia literally means the pain from an old wound.  It’s a twinge in your heart, far more powerful than memory alone.”  -Don Draper, The Wheel

Nothing was missed.  Nothing slipped through my fingers.  These days were drained tight like the juice from a fiercely squeezed fruit.  We drank it all down.
“This devise isn’t a space ship, it’s a time machine.  It goes backwards, forwards.  It takes us to a place where we ache to go again.  It’s not called a wheel, it’s called a carousel.  It lets us travel the way a child travels.  Round and around, and back home again.  To a place where we now we are loved.”  -Don Draper, The Wheel

Then at night, when the little hotel room is dark and quiet, I stand over the bed watching.  I am the guardian in the door that will not cower.  I am the angel overhead that prays for you.  Playing these memories again and again in my head, remembering...burning these days into stone and skin.  I am so happy.  I've never been more happy.

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