Thursday, February 27, 2014

St. Cassian of Imola

Wrote up two punk kids in class today.
The first is this egregious little weasel sweat-stain of a bully named Charles, leaning back in his chair taking the piss out of a defenseless lamb named Samantha who paints and sketches and plays piano in my classroom corner and runs across the quad when the bells rings so not to be tardy when I'm standing at the door.  He kept howling, "sa-MAN-tha!  sa-MAN-tha!  You're an ugly MAN-tha!"
So I kick his chair back on all fours and little weasel sweat-stain glares at me and croaks, "Teacher, you're sa-MAN-tha!  You're an ugly wo-MAN-tha!"
So I led him by the arm outside for a quiet talk.
The second was this bony-armed pissant greaser with about eight long lashes of glistening pubescent hair on his upper lip who stood challenging me during third period exclaiming, "I want to fight you, teacher.  Let's go outside and fight."
Which we did, right next to the bones of the kid before.  This place... is going to the dogs.

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