Saturday, February 8, 2014

The End of the American Journals

(Hartenstein and Daughter Xian look over pages at Crater Lake Lodge)

Throughout the entire American trip, we journaled and sketched and scribbled across the land.
Xian's American Journal:  July 17th, 2013- Chinatown + San Francisco.  We walked into Chinatown for lunch and bought souvenirs.  It was fun and really cool.  then we rode across the Golden Gate Bridge...
We carried paperback field guides, worn and dog eared, and studied each place as if it were lines growing across our hand.
Rebekah's American Journal:  July 18th, 2013-  We rode the double decker bus to Pier 39, we couldn't go to Alcatraz, but the waves washed against the shore and the seals barked like angry sleepy children throwing tantrums...
Returning to Oregon meant lazy days in the last of the summer sun.  Chasing waves and licking salt water drying on our skin, sinking toes deep into the sand, laughing at the edge of the Earth.
We devoted ourselves to art and books...
Unfathomable nature...
And mysterious signs of fortune as if bread crumbs laid out by God.
Xian's American Journal:  July 20th, 2013-  We said bye bye to San Fran and hello to Oregon...
But more importantly, in this world that demands constant attention where distraction contorts and consorts and conspires against one at every turn.. our focus on one another remained true.
Rebekah's American Journal:  July 21st, 2013-  We camped at Uncle Grant's house and watched "How to Train Your Dragon" and ate popcorn.  Then we roasted marshmallows in the fire outside." 
It was time to leave, back across the water... relaxed and repaired.
Final American Journal- Back to Taiwan!

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