Monday, March 3, 2014

You American!

Yeah pal, I’m an American.  What gave it away?
And by an American I mean what was formally called European two centuries ago.  That over analyzed and scrutinized, poked and prodded, dissected and disassembled species of bloated human laid bare under the microscope of analytic minutia.  
So when you, Asian student, stare me down with numbers and say…44% of you Americans are illiterate and 11% of you Americans can’t identify your country on a world map and 66% of you Americans are obese and 20% of you Americans can name all five Simpsons characters but can’t name five of the First Amendment Freedoms…  I say fine.
Keep calling us stupid.  Take your pot shots.  Swing for the fences.  Because you’re next.  
What was called European once and American now will be called Asian in the next century.  I hope you’re ready for the spotlight.   Let’s see how many of you can correctly identify Syria on a map or who the President of Ukraine is…
…and all those millions of immigrants that flood your country that you give zero rights to, let’s see what happens when they finally enter your schools and are forced to answer these questions in a Sino-tongue, let’s see how they score on the Chinese literacy test…or if they can successfully list all 23 Mainland provinces accurately.  How many of them will be uneducated in sexual contraception or worse, how many will take advantage of your social services?  I can’t wait.  Bring it on, Asia.  What’s your second act?

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