Thursday, April 3, 2014

Almost Sublime

It’s like talking to people who only know three colors: black, white, and gray…and you ask them to describe blue… and they look at you like you’re a complete idiot.  “Blue?  What in the world is blue?  Get a load of this guy…what’s he talking about?”  So you change to red… and they laugh even harder.  “Red?  This guy is off his rocker… who’s ever heard of …what’d he call it…red?”  So you try again and offer yellow… and they become really upset.  Brows furrow.  Faces squish.  Hands start picking up rocks.  “Yellow?  Now listen here, mister!  We’ll have no more of that!”  And you stand there and take it.  You take it again and again and again and you think… you’re right, I was wrong.  There’s no such thing as blue or red or yellow.  I just made them up.  I’m sorry.  Let’s open the books and do the questions on page 34.  The wave of relief then becomes almost sublime.

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