Friday, April 4, 2014

Cinderella Squirrel

(Here's Xian's first official school story, a fantasy entitled "Cinderella Squirrel."  Maximum 500 words)

Cinderella Squirrel

            “Mom!”  Alexa yelled, “Where’s my cake?”
            “Hold your horses.  It’s on the table with your nine candles, as you demanded,” her mom answered back.
            Alexa was satisfied.  She was turning a perfect nine years old and was the girl who had everything:  popular friends, captain of the cheerleaders, and hair so golden everybody said she looked like the princess from Tangled.  Suddenly Alexa’s dad walked through the door with all her friends and the room was filled with presents and screams.  Alexa felt so happy, until she saw Sunny, the weirdo. 
            “Mom!” She screamed.  “Who invited…her?”
            “I invited her,” her mom smiled. 
             “But she’s so different!”
            “Don’t say that Alexa,” her mom said.
            “Everybody is special in their one way.”
            “But it’s true” Alexa cried.  “Nobody is as “special” as Sunny.”
Sunny who heard every thing, turned to run out the door but Alexa’s mom caught her hand and said that she could stay as long as she wanted.  Alexa was so angry she could have erupted fire.  Sunny was so strange, she had big buck teeth, and her clothes were like dirty rags. Alexa always called her, “Cinderella Squirrel” and imagined her cleaning the bathroom behind the playground. 
            Then Sunny said,” I only came here to give you a present, something I’ve wanted to give you for a long time.”  Sunny dug a dirty hand into her patched pocket and pulled out a small silver box. 
            “What is it, a bracelet? A necklace?”
            “It’s magic,”
            Alexa tore open the box and threw away the lid, looking deeply into the box.  Suddenly sparkles started shooting out and filled the room, everyone fell asleep except for the two enemies.  Then a strange thing happened Alexa started to turn into Sunny.  Her hair began to grow crazy, her teeth began to stick out, and her expensive clothes changes into rags. Sunny also changed, becoming exactly like Alexa was before.  Alexa stared horrified at Sunny, then ran to the mirror and gasped, Sunny stared at her old self said, “I’ve got you back.”
            At that moment, Alexa’s mom awoke and came to the two girls. 
            “Mom!  Mom!” the ugly Alexa said, “She changed me into a monster.”  Alexa’s mom looked at the girls confused.  Then Alexa’s mom said to her daughter, “Sunny, maybe Alexa was right, you are too strange.  You should go home.”  As the door closed and Alexa, dressed in rags, stood outside screaming, Sunny whispered,” How do you like it now, Cinderella Squirrel?”  Then sunny closed the door and returned to her party.  Things were definitely going to be different from now on.

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