Tuesday, April 29, 2014

School Festival Days

Had a wonderful time at the school festival over the weekend...
It's not always fun working on a Saturday, but the student effort was really amazing to see.
And yes...the freaks were out in plenty!
It's a good lesson, when kids are motivated and given responsibility, they can really shine.  Above, some of my Shakespeare students sell fish cakes and home made bracelets.
Outside my classroom, it was a real festival atmosphere.
Japanese Hand Rolled Sushi!
Cos Play Moon Cakes!
Even a Girl Rock N Roll Band!
Secretly, Mr. Hartenstein got about four hours of grading done too...Shhh!  Don't tell anybody I used the rain delay for for marking essays!
Yes, the Chinese homeroom teachers thought it funny to dress their students in drag...I can't really argue.
Mickey had the best t-shirt of all...
And Monica the best hanging fish!
All in all it was really cool to see the students laughing and having fun.  Yummy Treats Too!

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