Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Japanese Donkey Mask

 Great classes have great mythologies.  This has always been true.  Half the battle of creating a great class is to create a challenge for them to go through:  A Quest!  Something that becomes a story lasting a lifetime.
Mock Trials and Scavenger Hunts and Teacher Pranks and Celebrations…all of these make a great class…but to do a performance together?  Well, anybody who’s ever taken on this daunting task with native speakers knows how easily they can be made into a fool.   Doing the whole thing in a second language…and with Shakespeare…  call the madhouse!  This being said…we plunge onward toward Midsummer Night.  
 What makes this year vastly different is  the University / High School is being so helpful.  Case in point…the Donkey Mask!  In years past, I have had to do everything myself…creating costumes, sewing together setting, fashioning props…but at my new school, when I told the Department Director my idea, she loved it…and word spread quickly that I needed help.  Straightaway I had volunteer teaching assistants building a forest stage and others offering make-up services and even a wary homeroom teacher giving consent…things that at the old Taiwan school caused huge chaos and uproar.
 But the ultimate cherry on the top so far has been ordering a specialty donkey mask from Japan and having it delivered to the university.  How cool is that?  So my daughters and I walked over to the little university post office and after much explanation that …yes, I was the teacher/director of a Shakespeare play on campus … and yes, I was the very Mr. Hartenstein that was sent here to pick up said package despite having no I.D. on me… and yes, it was in fact a donkey mask sent from Japan…. Would you like to try it on?  No?  That’s ok!  I’ve got another mythology I’m building with my daughters…they’re more than happy to oblige.

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