Sunday, April 6, 2014

To the Douche Bag in the Grey Volvo with Awesome Road Rage...

(Taiwan News is filled with traffic cam videos of pedestrians getting run over or beat cops leaping onto car hoods like Steve McQueen being dragged through the streets.  Here's my answer to Road Rage)

One of the first things you're told by Taiwanese and Expatriates alike is that it's not worth entering into altercations on the street because you don't know who the gangsters are.  The first story I heard at my new school was how a couple of hired thugs showed up and beat a headmaster in his office with baseball bats for striking a student who told him to F-himself.

Soooo... that being said... here's to the royal Douche Bag with Road Rage who parked in front of me a full two minutes in heavy passing traffic because I caused him to miss his turn signal light.  XA-1789, Grey Volvo...after you blocked me, I probably shouldn't have gotten out and danced in front of you... the Robot, Running Man, Sprinkler... I thought for sure the Moon Walk would get me on National News but... I guess it was just between you and me.  See ya around, pal!

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