Sunday, May 18, 2014

Little Slice of Home

 My daughters attend the only real American school in Taichung city.  Built by missionaries over 60 years ago, every time I step foot on Morrison's campus it's like a time machine  straight back home.
It's all in the details...smooth wood concession stand... soft carpet on the library floor... stinky cleats outside the gym... it's a little slice of America in the middle of all this Asia.
 On a Saturday afternoon birthday party today around the pool...I was looking at the palm trees swaying and the blue sky (first real sky in weeks that wasn't full of rain) and all our wonderful friends here and I thought... Taiwan can be a paradise sometimes.
 The girls had a ball!
 Cannonballs off the high dive!  Look out below!
Another day in the bank.  SPLASH!

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