Monday, May 5, 2014

Venus, Cupid, and Carthage Queens... By All the Vows that Ever Man Broke

 “My good Lysander!  I swear to thee by Cupid’s strongest bow… By his best arrow with the golden head…”  -Midsummer Night’s Dream

Wrong Me You Do in this Way You Woo...Mr. Hartenstein!
 “By the simplicity of Venus’ doves … by that which knitteth souls and prospers lovers…”  -Midsummer Night’s Dream

Despite rain and wind and flooded icky sewers and sleepy lunchtime heads...and brain numbing daily math tests...we plunge on in rehearsal of Midsummer Night.
 “And by that fire which burn’d the Carthage queen when the false Trojan under sail was seen…”  -Midsummer Night’s Dream

I have to hand it to these kids...they're really working hard.  I picked the 25 best and they're proving it.
 “By all the vows that ever men have broke in number more than ever women spoke…”  -Midsummer Night’s Dream

You know how Mr. Hartenstein loves to make his speeches...and telling kids to go make mistakes, go out and fail, go out and get yer teeth kicked in...get ye hearts broken anon!  That's just par for the course.
“In that same place thou hast appointed me tomorrow truly with I meet thee.”  -Midsummer Night’s Dream

But don't forget the work.  The work is what makes us... when you're out alone and bleeding and getting all weepy eyed over yesterday... the work is what keeps you whole.  Last week was a great series of rehearsals... let's see what tomorrow brings.

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