Wednesday, June 18, 2014

白鬼 at the Taiwan Times Village / 台灣時報村

Out across the rice fields on a day trip for school...
With the loud KTV speakers blaring...seriously, has a Taiwanese person ever met a microphone they didn't instantly feel a kinship with.
Is the awesome, Taiwan Times Village in Caotun Country.
We arrived with bus loads of sophomores...
To this historic village / restaurant /  amusement park & museum.
The Taiwanese don't often share their culture.  In fact, you have to search deep to find it.
Most of this country is just modern concrete and industrialized jungle.
But little pockets of cool culture are still found.
I mostly hung out with the other teachers...or by myself wandering through the Chinese puppet displays,  toy museums or the various traditional gifts and food shops.
The other day, this little kid ran up to me in a store and whispered, "白鬼" or Bai Gui! (White Ghost).  I actually thought it was funny.
The students thought it was funny too.
So I danced around with some dragons ...
Sketched a couple of lanterns...
Had a random dude in a costume stick his finger up my nose...NO!  That was not part of the cultural package... (think he was testing to see if I were real?)
And rode away on a rickshaw... pretty cool way to stay out of the rain... if you ask me.

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