Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lovers and Madmen Have Such Seething Brains

"Lovers and madmen have such seething brains, such shaping fantasies, that apprehend more than cool reason ever comprehends."  -Midsummer Night's Dream

It's unbelievable all the things that went wrong even before the curtain opened.
Amanda as Puck and Jessie as Titania get their fairy make-up.  Big thanks to Ricky and Jenny for their awesome brush skills.

Ok...here's a list of all the crazy things that happened.  Louis and Sam both dropped the drum set down the cement stair case, you could hear the cymbals clanging all the way across the campus.  I packed all twenty pieces of said drum kit into the director's tiny KIA and made two trips through the forest campus to the stage.  On the second, both boys had to hang out the back, pinning the snare to the bumper.
George as Oberon talks Mermaids Riding on Dolphin backs.

When we got to the theater, the air-conditioning didn't work, so I was looking into the electrical circuit board when suddenly, a fuse blew and all the electricity in the theater shut off.  Total Blackness.  I was standing frantically checking switches labeled in Chinese with a flashlight.  The lights came on only when I slammed the circuit board door shut in a fit of desperation.
Then suddenly the stage lights went out because the electrical plug broke off into the wall socket.  So...I took a pair of wooden chopsticks and pulled them out and hurriedly taped the wires with bandages from a First Aid kit and stuck them into the holes with my fingers.  SHOCK!  SHOCK!  SHOCK!  Little sparks went flying as my fingers burned black.  But I got it to work!
Of course, that's right when Chris, who plays Lysander, started jumping his skateboard off the stage ... and Jerry, who is a singer in the opening act, knocked over a row of trees.
Then dinner was served (and the Taiwanese always stop everything to eat) and the fairies all ran into the bathroom to compare... God Only Knows What Girls Do In The Bathroom Behind Locked Doors!!  So I had to chase them down and force them into the make-up chair an hour before curtain.
Then we ran through a quick dress rehearsal and all the kids panicked and forgot lines and when to enter and basically fell apart just as the crowds started arriving.
The only thing we could do was come together as a class, to focus, to shut out nerves,to believe in ourselves and all our practice, and to trust one another.  We did.  When the curtain rose, after all the hours that day of setting up the stage and burning my fingers and solving every problem imaginable, I finally felt... butterflies.  My hands started to shake a little as the school director called me onto the stage and I stepped into the light to introduce our play.

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