Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Midsummer Night in Reflection

It's been a few days after the play and the school year is almost officially over.  I got to see the students for the last time this morning.  Here are some of their last journal entries:
“I learned the quote:  Practice Makes Perfect.  I can feel it wholeheartedly.  Everything succeeded because of practice.  We practiced every day speaking, acting, singing, just to make our show perfect.  We spent a lot of time trying, so we performed a wonderful show and all of us tried our best.  The second thing I learned is being brave.  If you have a chance to act out, but didn’t have enough courage, things won’t succeed.  Bravery helps you to prove yourself, it will turn nervous power into a higher level of excellence.  The third thing I learned is to be happy of the things you are doing and let other’s shine.”

-Angie, Snout the Wall
“I like this play so much! And I learned many things from the play.   The first thing I learned is about Shakespeare, his life, the plays he wrote, and his language.  The second thing I learned is “the character.”  It is very difficult to act  in a different character from who you are.  Another thing is you have to “enjoy the play.”  Being a lion is very hard to act and it takes a sense of humor which I don’t know if I have or not…maybe I discovered I have one.  Finally, the third thing I learned is “team work.”  Everyone has to be quiet and work together.  If you do it by yourself, you can’t do anything, you will have too many problems.  So doing this play taught me all these things.”

–Belle, Snout the Lion
“I learned so many things in this performance, but the most important thing for me is how to speak out loud and not be nervous on the stage.  Second thing that is important is how to stand on stage perfectly and not play with my hair or touch my face or talk to others.  The last thing is the most, most, most important… it is a special memory for us and a great experience.”

-Stacie, the Narrator
“In our play, Midsummer Night’s Dream, I enjoyed my time with my classmates.  Our whole semester is just to spend our time feeling the literary effects of Shakespeare.  What a great way to spend our time!  In fact, it is good to act.  Sometimes, I have to do some ridiculous actions or say silly phrases, but I learned to do these important things that can only be happening in a performing arts class.  I could say that this class is my favorite.  I like the way Mr. Hartenstein teaches and gives us great experiences  that are fun.  I learned to let down the pressure and laugh loudly.”

-Joy, Helena
“It was my first time to have a big play in front of many people.  We practiced so hard before the play.  I got different experience and learned something from this play.  The first thing I learned was practice really does make perfect.  Through our play, I learned that by practicing something and giving all my attention, I can accomplish anything.  Second, I knew that if I want to make the character perfect, I have to pretend I was the character.  The last thing I learned was to try to love what you are doing, and you will be happy doing this and do your best.”

-Jessie, Titania the Fairy Queen
“Well, Midsummer Night’s Dream finally ended.  We all woke up!  It’s still exciting to think of that night and how we prepared, how we felt nervous behind the curtain, and how we did a good job in our last play.  To perform the best play we can, we practiced over and over and over.  Every day at lunch, the first thing we talked about was, “Oh no, is Mr. Hartenstein coming to take us during nap time???”  We learned that when you practice, you can accomplish anything. I am so proud of us.”

-Ling, Hippolyta the Amazon Queen

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