Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Monkey Mountain 猴子山 台湾

Sometimes you wake up in Taiwan and tell yourself...you know, I'm feeling a little bananas today!
If that's the case... you can seek out Taichung's Monkey Mountain 猴子山!  (Although be careful of your 乳头... OUCH!)
There's a few posted rules you should make every attempt not to rebel against, such as, not releasing wild animals in the area.  (Recently someone unleashed a number of Chinese badgers that developed rabies.  RABIES!  Are you kidding me?)  Yes, that also includes students.
Of course, one unwritten rule is...if you're going to operate a monkey tour business, you should wear a "Love Sex Peace World" baseball cap.  But, that's basic common sense.
Monkeys are unpredictable and naughty little wankers... but there is a red line painted on the ground they will not cross...
Because they will get domed with a slingshot rock.  (Check out her back pocket)
But there are some fascinating aspects to the place, like hanging brushes these primates use to preen and little mirrors they go...APE over?
There's a gift shop with wonderful local art...
And a potential studio with adjoining cafe...
Here's some of the art work...my favorite is the baboon...but I know that Iron-monkeyman stone is their best seller.
Here are my little monkeys!
Thanks for a great day, Monkey Mountain.  Bananas splits all around!

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