Saturday, July 26, 2014

Headless Levitation and Shel Silverstein's The Loser

"Mama said I'd lose my head if it wasn't fastened on.  Today I guess it wasn't cause while playing with my cousin it fell off and rolled away and now it's gone.  -The Loser, Shel Silverstein

Believe me, who doesn't want to step outside their own head once in a while and fly away!
But when you are traveling with little hands and feet...with tired legs and precious little eyes that see everything and have so many questions... you've got to keep your wits.
Yep!  My daughters pretty much ate Barcelona for breakfast.
How do you say 'chipmunk' in Spanish?
They were so good!  They walked all day, carried their own cameras, never complained, and never even rolled their eyes when I made them do homework of drawing Sagrada Familia Cathedral in MINECRAFT.
"And I can't look for it 'Cause my eyes are in it... and I can't call to it 'Cause my mouth is on it... couldn't hear me anyway 'Cause my ears are on it...can't even think about it 'Cause my brain is in it..."  -The Loser, Shel Silverstein

You never know what's around the corner!
"So I guess I'll sit down on this rock... and rest for just a minute..."  -The Loser, Shel Silverstin

Keep your feet on the ground... head in the stars!

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