Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Week in Awesome Photos

 Oh yes...Asian students love their cameras too.  Have a Great Summer, Taiwan!
 Best line from Hartenstein's Midsummer Night's Dream... "Twinkle Twinkle Little...Hee Haw!"
 The girls and I walked through a torrential rain shower to buy yarn and pipe cleaners for Snug's Lion Mask... They helped me paint it too!  Great Job, Girls!
 Shirtless man with machete at local market...No Biggie.
 The following photos were sent by the most loveliest of readers:  Pictured above: Pablo Neruda quote from a breakfast cafe in Olympic Peninsula.
 A Midsummer Donkey Head from Vancouver Canada.
 Bard on the Beach, Vancouver CA.
 Baby Sharks from China.
 Trek Yourself from Phoenix Arizona.
 Trivial Pursuit Card from...somebody's moldy basement.  How many can you answer.  This card was sent because of John Keats.
An Anais Nin Card from Washington State.
 Hanging Unicorn Head from Washington State.
 Bard Sweatshirt from Vancouver.
Funny Market Calendar from Oregon.  She's a little under dressed for June, don't you think?

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