Monday, August 4, 2014

Lorca's Every Song / My Daughters at the Sea

 “Every song is the remains of love.”  -Lorca, Every Song

We walked down the long Via Laietana past the Basilica dels Sants with its chocolate spires and spiteful curves of Pati d'en Limona, down to the lapping waves of the Mediterranean.
 “Every light the remains of time.”  -Lorca, Every Song

Burning stone stand on toes.  Bodies sizzling in the heat.  A blue so fierce and inviting that sky and water were one.
 “A knot of time.”  -Lorca, Every Song

So what did my daughters do?
“And every sigh the remains of a cry.”  -Lorca, Every Song

Clothes and dresses and sandals and shirts soaked.  What else did you expect from the Hartenstein girls?

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