Saturday, August 9, 2014

Watching the World Cup Final in Barcelona / Not Thinking About the Pocketbook Bottom Line

The game ended at 3 a.m.  Nobody left.  We all stayed.
 I hear this pundit phrase everyday:   “The bottom line is: change will not happen until it hits them in the pocketbook."

Nobody has a problem with Donald Sterling until the investors pull out.  Nobody makes Daniel Snyder change the name of his team until fans protest and stop buying season tickets.  Ray Rice is applauded as courageous for giving a press conference after beating his wife in an elevator and accepting a paltry two-game NFL suspension.  Kevin Durrant doesn’t play for USA in FIBA World Cup because he signs with Under Armour for 325 million.  Chuck Knoblauch’s uniform retirement ceremony is postponed because he’s arrested for smashing his ex-wife’s head into a wall and throwing a humidifier at her.  Jim Irsay is praised for handing out $100 dollar bills after being arrested for drunk driving and possession of a controlled substance.  Mark Cuban uses Paul George’s gruesome injury to protest not getting a return investment on his possessions participating in IOC / FIBA events.   Raymond Felton is traded to Denver and given a new start after four game suspension for felony gun possession.   Greg Oden remains a hot free-agent after posting 10K bond after being arrested for domestic violence.  There's a price on everything, isn't there?

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