Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Views from Atop the Arch de Triomphe

 So... you want to climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe?  Yeah, get in line, buddy.  Even Charles de Gaulle is elbowing you for position.  Visiting Paris is like standing in one never-ending tourist queue.  But some views are worth it, and this is one.
 CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY FLEW A PLANE THROUGH HERE?  The Arch of Napoleon in all its splendor.
 I told you the view was worth it!
 These intrepid travelers think so too.
What do you see in there, Kiddo?
Well...that seems like a short visit, but in reality we spent most of the morning around the bottom gazing at the Arc's pillars and then climbing up and down the narrow stairs for a beautiful look at the city.  Thank you for a little break in the rain...if you squint tight, you can sneak a peak at a couple of silly eyeballs staring up at their dad from below.  Ha!  Staring?  Yes, pun intended.

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