Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rocky Theme Song at La Basilique du Sacre Coeur Montmartre

 We pause this Sunday morning... just a little time out from Vivaldi Four Seasons Piano Practice and SAT vocabulary flashcards and Chinese calligraphy sketches and Long Division Story Puzzles and somewhere between wrapping up the Iliad and Odyssey and three chapters into Prisoner of Azkaban... to sit in the grass in Paris Montmartre and look for a break in the clouds.
 Oh...and race up the steps at La Basilique due Sacre Coeur!
 Yeah... I've been here before.  I've been coming here now for twenty years.
 But each time it is different.  Yes, the stones do not change and the statues have not suddenly broken free and raced away on clearing clouds... the bathrooms are still in the same location and the vaulted ceilings are still magnificent.
 But this time it is with my daughters... these sweet girls I've been graced with the chance to love and teach.
 And of course, teach the Rocky Theme Song to.  That's what you sing in your head when running up amazing flights of stairs... that or the Indiana Jones Theme Song.  Truly, it's up to you!  That's a lot to teach, isn't it?  Being a Dad can wear you out!  Total TKO.
 So... we finally arrive at the top and relax listening to street musicians singing funny French songs and pull out our sketch books and look very thoughtfully at the stones...giggling together, of course.
 A sweet afternoon...and just as the rain clouds approach... we wind downward in the market for some afternoon ice cream.
Then back on the hilarious Paris Metro for some people watching underground.
Surprise!  I forgot to tell you about the carousel.   See... I've got this Dad thing down to an art.  Yeah right, Hartenstein.  Cue the music, maestro. 

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