Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Winged Propeller Bicycle Man! Parisians Out of Control!

Locked and Loaded!  Winged Propeller Bicycle Man, Notre Dame Paris.
Packing Heat!  Creepy Traveler in Montparnasse, Paris.
C'est La Vie!  Rocking Street Musician at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Paris.
Artistic Difference!  Two Sketchers discuss the human form in Montmartre, Paris.
My Paris Moment!  Girl in Red Beret Having the Travel of Her Life.
Parisian Chuck Berry in the Grass at Sacred Heart Cathedral.  Roll Over Beethoven.
Rockin' Granny! Strolling the Stones at Sacred Heart Cathedral.
Have Sketch Pad, Will Travel.  Lonely Artist Approaching Hartenstein at Sacred Heart Cathedral.
Freaky Scary Rat's Nest Hair... No Comment!
Hartenstein in Retirement!  Sans the Walt Whitman Hat, mind ya.

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