Saturday, November 8, 2014

Boobs at the Louvre!

(Andromede attachee au rocher par les Nereides, 1840.  Theodore Chasseriau.)

Andromeda's boobs!  There is nothing more breathtaking than the female form in every shape and size.  The question was never is God a man or woman...the joke's on us.  God made women into wine glasses and men are...well, we're just mugs of beer.  Believe me, the daughter of Cepheus knows.  Cassiopeia be warned!
(Esther se parant pour etre presentee au roi Assuerus dit La toilette d'Esther, 1841. Theodore Chasseriau.)

Esther's Boobs!  Biblical stories aside...Esther wins the World's First Beauty Contests.  Her prize, marriage to a lummox.  But women have always been judged by their outward beauty.  What is lost in the story is Esther's inward courage and sacrifice.  Beautiful qualities indeed.
(Gabrielle d'Estrees et une de ses soeurs (and one of her sisters), 1590?  Artist Unknown.)

Mistress Gabrielle's and her Sister's Boobs!  (I threw this one in for fun.  Tune in for Tokyo!)  Outward beauty is often reflected in laughter (that most admirable quality).  These two must have been a riot.
(La Sortie du Bain, 1895. Edgar Degas.)

Degas' Boobs!  Beauty is often found in the simplest of chores.  Watching someone garden or jog by you in the park or speak with their hands.  This kind of admiration makes the world hum.
(La baigneuse, dite Baigneuse Valpincon, 1808.  Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres)

Ingres Boobs!  Imagination is the strongest aphrodisiac.
(Le Bain Turc, 1862. Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres.)

Turkish Bath Boobs!  And then there's overkill.
(Les Trois Graces, 1794. Baron Jean-Baptiste.)

Muse Boobs?  (Painting bottoms would take years to master.)  I love this picture:  Charm, Beauty, & Creativity.  Women of all shapes and sizes.  You have so much to offer the world.
(Portrait d'une femme noire, 1800. Marie-Guillemine Benoist.)

Negress Boobs!  This is one of my favorite paintings in the whole Louvre.  The look on her face says everything.  That's what women can do.  You were given breasts, but your eyes... your eyes reduce us to ash.

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