Monday, November 3, 2014

Havan Cigars and Courvoisier L'Espri with Napoleon III

I'm standing there and the guy is going off, talking to the ornate walls, "Most people, whatever they got, that's what they don't want... and whatever they don't got, that's what they need."
He's flipping through his phone.  Discarding emails.  Erasing texts.  He's muttering, "Me, I got nobody.  I don't need anybody."
I follow the sound of his voice through Napoleon III's Vegas style pad at the Louvre.  Gold trimmed boughs, crystal chandeliers, crushed velvet sofas and divans, hanging portraits you could park an RV inside... the man keeps going off.  "I can appreciate this dude!" he says standing next to a painting of Napoleon in laurel leaves  staring smugly.  "I'm a collector of the finer things too.  Vintage cars.  Jet skies.  I've even been known to dabble in wine."
I'm still unsure to whom the man is speaking, and then I see he is speaking to me.
"You can trust possessions," he continued.  "People come and go.  People let you down.  But nobody was ever disappointed by a Havana cigar and a bottle of Courvoisier L'Espri, am I right?" He gestured toward me, "Am I right?"
I look over at Napoleon who I swear, for just a millisecond, winked at me, then turned back to the man. "Sure Boss, whatever you say."

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