Saturday, November 15, 2014

"Licked Before You Begin" -Rolling with Atticus Finch

Birthdays come and go... another year, another nail in the ole' coffin of time.  This year I battled a chest cold that turned into an infection but stood there in the classroom and delivered... (as I've always done!)  My line-up included that day:  Aesop's Fables periods 1 &2, Phantom of the Opera periods 3&4, (head on the desk 20 minute exhaustion nap for lunch) Oliver Twist period 5 (Mr. Brownlow meets Nancy on London Bridge) Of Mice and Men period 6 (Boy, that Candy really likes to eavesdrop...) and To Kill a Mockingbird for period 7&8 (Mrs. Dubose gets her Ivanhoe and Jem becomes ... something that it's a sin to shot)  It's not fair to be sick on your birthday!  Then again... who said life was fair?

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