Sunday, December 14, 2014

Johnny Two Thumbs

I was just a kid, coming out of the hot Sumatra jungle after a twelve hour bus ride with chickens and goats winding through mountain passes with sheer thousand foot drops... Indonesian island hoping toward Batam where I was jumped by a gang of street kids and saved by an angel on a passing motor scooter who dropped me at a cockroach infested hotel without a cent in my pockets... I slept that night on a mattress bunk coiled up around my pack as rats scurried across the floor and thought...if I can just get to Singapore tomorrow.
I did.... a short fishing boat ride plopped down on huge balls of net and wrapped twine watching the sun head down over the horizon...and the tall buildings and harbor of this new concrete jungle rising out of the sea.  Singapore saved me.  Three days later, after recuperating in a hostel from heat exhaustion... I replenished on modern luxury.  Antibiotic shot for foot ringworm, a rare and savored cappuccino, a replacing of two abysmal hiking socks, an afternoon lounging at the Long Bar, and... Die Hard III?  Then I got my first Tattoo:  Here, at Johnny Two Thumbs!  It was 1995.
So of course...nearly twenty years later, I returned.  The man with two thumbs on his hand is long gone... but the folks inside enjoyed my tale.  Did I let them ink me up again...?  Well, that's another story, isn't it?

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