Tuesday, August 25, 2015

FLICKR PICS! Haeundae South Korea, Spring 2015

 ONCE UPON A TIME WHEN TIGERS STILL SMOKED.... Yes, yet another trip to the Land of the Morning Calm! Bug-Eye'd Crazy Tigers and all.
 Staying in Haeundae this time, jogging along the beach, running into the craggy rocks among the pines in the rain.
 Waking up and overlooking the beach... what shall we do today?  Oh, swim and dance in the waves.  Of course.  Of course.
 Even the Man of Steel agrees.
 Took the girls out to their great-grandmother's house to hang with the kimchi pots and their oldest living relative.
 Back through Hadan's old stomping grounds.
 No trip to Korea would be complete without live octopus gobbling at Chagalchi fish market.
 Or cruising through Somyeon at night.
 Traveling by local train... Chug!  Chug!
 Are you kidding me?
Then back to the beach, stick my toes in the earth and think.  Sink and think. Watch the world pass by.  Check out the FLICKR link to the right for all the photos.

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