Tuesday, August 25, 2015

FLICKR PICS! Kyoung Ju South Korea, Spring 2015

 Finished our Korea trip this summer with some adventures out among the ancient forest tombs of Kyoung Ju.
 Kyoung Ju is the old capital city of Korea and holds mystery and allure like no other Korean destination.  As we wandered through the forest pines, there were signs warning us of shaman attacks and ghosts, but we saw none.  Kicked off our shoes and ran through the river beds instead.
 Inside the traditional villages, we sat by the lotus pond and sipped hot tea in the shade.
 Courtesans danced.  My little girls danced too.
Dad wandered around looking at lines in the architecture.  One building flowing into another in subtle curves bringing you full circle back to home.  Check out the link to the right for FLICKR pics.

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