Monday, August 31, 2015


In honor of TV's best new show, Mr. Robot (and awesome people in general who defy authority and proper convention) here are some silly examples of FSOCIETY from around town.   Smile and Enjoy.
 Let's start with Asian Costco.  As any foreign visitor knows, a mere visit here can make your  blood boil.  A ten minute trip can turn into a full-on cardiac arrest.  Surging crowds.  Banging shopping carts.  Dozens of shopping carts parked in the middle of the aisle for twenty minutes abandoned.  Stunned locals gawking at the shelf stacks of fifty toilet paper rolls and seaweed potato chip bags bigger than their head.  Asian Costco is Disneyland.  Lines forty people long standing for thirty minutes to sample a salted sardine.  Reject Costco!
 Real Estate Agents dance calisthenics in the morning.
 IV-Drip dude in hospital gown nibbling pork dumplings down the street at 7-Eleven.  He would later stand outside for a smoke.
 Jaguar on the rocks.
 Chinese Periodic Table.  Egads!
 Hanging the Stars and Stripes in the French Department Store.  Love this one!
 Ross, the proud transgender doodle on my Mice and Men Final.  No, he didn't pass the test.
 This lovely key chain a student gave me.
 This INCREDIBLE cartoon Taoist Temple.  It's hard to see but...on the right side that's a statue of a news camera team beneath a gold-plated lizard dragon shooting a white Lipizzaner stallion team on the left. Up the stairs, a children's anime statue of "Goat Man" is smiling before a "Big Bad Wolf" statue will gobble him.  It's...the tackiest temple I've ever seen.  Amazing.
 This FANTASTIC Anime car parked outside my apartment.  Betty Boop and Hello Kitty.
 My Friend Totoro...
 Oh, and of course... the sexy anime girl.  The guy just couldn't resist putting he.
My junior American Lit students outside my classroom stand in 30C heat for an hour while an ROTC student corrects the 90 degree right elbow angle of their salute.  Baffling.
Last but not least... shot at the hospital entrance... this slick backpack says it all.  Complete with Happy Smiley Face pants.  Have a Nice Day!

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