Saturday, August 29, 2015

Taiwanese Boy Punches a Painting, Bad Chinese Translations, and Minion Easter Eggs. This Week in Asia!

 In honor of the bumbling and portly Taiwanese boy bored on the museum tour who, tripping over his own toes, managed to punch a hole in a 1.5 million dollar painting while still maintaining a firm grasp on his bubble tea...(Yes, this glorious representation of baffling stupidity is a perfectly illustrated slice of my teaching demographic...) the following photos of funny are for you.  Here's my week in Asia!
 Traffic Cops pause for a selfie using a PC Monitor.  Old School!
 Department Store Swim Mannequin... or French Jewel Thief?  You decide.
 Pucker Up, Baby!  Goldfish in Sushi Restaurant gives his Best Duck Face.
 It was so hot this week, well over 30 C, that even the murals were considering a trip to the South Pole.
 Marie Antoinette has enough cake for all of us...
 Security Guard outside Department Store Stares into Distance.  Lion Chuckles.
 My favorite Wood Carving ... is that a nipple?
 Milk Peanut Soup... I dare you!  Really.
 Yet another example of a Chinese phrase that just... doesn't translate.
Who wants some Minion Easter Eggs?  I know... I know... Keep Laughing, People.  

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