Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taming of the Shrew Pictures!!

(Still More Taming of the Shrew Pictures)
Yes, sometimes I think the costumes are the most important part.
But everything from music to running lines to practicing sword fights and dance moves...
You all did a fantastic job.
Yes, even the dancing suitors!
I hope it was a great memory for you.
For most people, Shakespeare is like a second language. So for all of you, reciting these lines was amazing.
I tell the parents, you may not understand everything your child is saying, but that's good. It is Shakespeare after all, that's what you want, because the students comprehend.  They have studied and learned this new thing.  All your hard work is worth it.  Now your child has surpassed you.  That's all a parent could ever dream, for them to become something greater.

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