Friday, October 23, 2015

White Sands of Boracay Beach

 It's not easy arriving at the end of the world.
 It takes a procession of boats and planes and buses and a great many spinning propellers and wheels.
 But once you arrive, it's all worth it.
 The white sand beaches of Boracay are something to behold.  Crystal clear water, stunning vistas, and  warm sunshine on your back...
 And maybe today you hire a sailboat to take you snorkeling...or maybe you just skin dive into the lagoon and watch the millions of fish squirming around your toes.
 But no matter what... time stops and stands still.
 You rest deeper, breathe slower, and worries seem so far away.
Time to forget the world... at least for today.  Good Night.  or is it Good Morning?  -ZZZZZzzzzz!

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