Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Little Villas in the Island Hills

The Philippines was a great vacation spot. Every day we sailed out into the Visaya sea on these makeshift outrigger canoes called paraws.  The water a kind of crystal clear aquamarine these photos can't possibly capture.
We snorkeled and caught fish and cooked them right on the shore.  We jumped from cliffs and explored underground water caves.
We swam in the ocean for hours.  The water was soft as marvelous silk.  Standing in the warm lapping waves I just laughed at the preposterous smoothness of the surf.
There were these little villas in the island hills perfect for exploring and deck sitting as the afternoon sun turned to dusk... but the day was never lost.
Is it true, is there always another day?  The little island path winding upward into the hills says... go see!

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