Friday, December 11, 2015

Autumn in Kyoto

Living in tropical southeast Asia these past seven years... there's really only one season:  HOT!
Ok... I guess you get a monsoon season, but that's just like taking a hot shower for three months.
So... by heading north to Japan, we finally get some real weather.  (By the way, check out these Japanese tourists queued up outside a temple.  How perfectly ordered is Japan!  They must just MOCK the Chinese!  Wait, they're Japanese, they wouldn't ever be so rude... as an American)
I have missed a lifetime of autumns.
Oh... back to Japan.
This is a freaky country!
But one that understands the subtle beauty of the seasons.
It had rained the week before we arrived, and most of the leaves had dropped to the ground, but my heart was full.  My eyes clear.  Chilled wind.  Winter is on the way.

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