Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas in Osaka Japan

And then... It was Christmas Time.  Christmas in Osaka, Japan.  Just like that
Traveling through Osaka, we came upon a little German enclave in the city with their annual Christmas festival and of course... we had to stop and get in the holiday spirit.
Wooden toys.  Holiday Treats.  Blinking Lights.  & Silver Bells.    Hot Chocolate.  Glittering Ornaments.  Wafting Gingerbread.  & Holiday Carols.
I am so looking forward to Christmas in America.
It's been seven years in Asia.  Seven long and arduous years.  So much has changed.
My daughters have grown.
They've found their way into the world.
Sometimes I think, we've passed through fire together.
Standing there, under the big German / Japanese Christmas tree, my thoughts turn toward this little light that has always seemed to distant and dim.  It's burning bright these days.  Brighter still the closer I come to home.

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