Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I Love You, Japan

Oh Japan!  You Sumo Smashing, Sake Pounding, Salary Man Business Suit Street Sleeping, Geisha Gowning, Samurai Swording, Ninja Knifing, and Sushi Stuffing Country.  You're the Best!
Japan has everything: Hidden Secret Gardens.
Incredible Street Shrines.
Brilliant Colors.
Even the wood seems older than in other Asian places.
They combine this perfect style with a quality of craftsmanship that is unrivaled in Asia.
So many of the countries in Asia I travel to are unfinished.  They are developing... buildings, streets, houses, people... they are unrefined and unpolished, but not here.  No, Japan is a fully realized vision of art.
And yes... they keep their sense of humor too.
And beauty.
Wandering around the streets of Japan you marvel at their order, their complexity in all aspects of life.  Whether it's the old man stirring noodles to perfection or the grandfather in 'spit-polished' police uniform standing as still as a statue directing traffic, or the driver who speaks into the specially designated 'taxi phone' at the back entrance of the museum, or the woman wrapping the silk scarves in linen without a crease... it's endless. The Japanese have mastered it.
It should be the blueprint plan for all of Asia.
Because trust me... they need it!
I love you Japan!  Let's go have some adventures together.

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