Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I'll Miss YOU! Fake Asian Christmas

There are a great many things about Fake Asian Christmas that I will miss.  For example: 
1.  Working on Christmas Day.  HOW FUN WAS THAT?
2.  Forcing students to participate in "Gift Exchanges" where they can't be bothered to show any interest in one another.  Sign me up!
3.  Confiscating cell phones to stop "X-mas Selfies"
4.  Incompetent co-workers.  Who wants to do another 'Santa Multiple Choice Test'?
4.  AND of course... fake plastic Christmas Trees!
Asia only has fake plastic Christmas trees.  Why? Don't ask why!  The Taichung City Hall Christmas Tree is the biggest fake tree I've ever seen.  There is an actual gingerbread house in the middle... which is oddly kind of cool.
Don't sleep on the fake snow!  This awesome Snow Family is constructed with shredded paper shavings.  

I will definitely miss the Christmas Lights!
And the awesome air-condition paper fire place.  Bundle Up, Kinu!
Who wouldn't miss this great Christmas Sweater?  Santa Wish List:  English Lessons.
Or this "Sleigh Full of Elves!"  There's actually four kids on this scooter.  There's an infant between mom's legs you can't see.  
A Christmas "Lobster Tree," What?  Why not!  It's Fake Asian Christmas.
But mostly... I'll just miss all our awesome friends.  You tell me, naughty or nice?
Merry Christmas, Asia!

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