Tuesday, January 31, 2017

新年快樂。 雞年,2017年

Happy Lunar New Year!  新年快樂。 雞年,2017年.  (We must be careful to say 'Lunar' New Year because it's not only Chinese people celebrating)  Speaking of Chinese... what's the deal with their 12 Zodiac Animals?  Some animal translations make sense like... The Dragon 龍年, The Tiger 虎年, The Horse 馬年, but others have terrible confusions such as... Year of The Rat 鼠年 (Yuck! Mouse is much more cute 老鼠 'Old Rat' Ha!) and Year of The Cow 年牛(Mooo! Bull is more powerful) and the dreaded Year of the Sheep / Lamb / Goat 羊年 (None of those sound right. Baaa!)  But the worst translation is the Year of the Chicken 雞年.  My year! Because.... isn't Year of the Rooster better? (Forget about Year of the Cock, that will never fly).  Maybe the Chinese have it figured out... and it's the English that needs to catch up!  Either way.... we're all one year older.  Eat a rice ball! Light a firecracker!  Happy New Year to Roosters and Chickens and Cocks and every other animal under the Full Moon.  
Sweet Korean Han Boks!
Oh... and speaking of Korean!
Xian won the Korean Speech Contest.  Good Job, Kiddo!  축하한다.

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