Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Story of the World Part II

My children mean everything to me, and like every good dad, I've created our own little world of just... us!  We do everything together.
 I mean... EVERYTHING!  (Living Room Spider-Girl is No Exception)
 Whether it's milking a cow or learning to weld, baking cookies or building a shed... my kids and I are creating our own little story of the world.
 Knowing the Story of the World is not just about knowing the history of timelines, special dates, important figures, and how eras and individual cross over and influence one another.  It's about making the stories of people from our past real.  Taking their creations, triumphs, failures, ambitions, passions, and mistakes... the whole bloody business of being human... and applying their stories to our lives.  It's about becoming a better person and finding a true happiness inside from this knowledge.
 Bookshelves never end.  They are long winding roads of discovery.  Over the past year we have read so many books.  The next few blogs will outline how I used books, movies, cartoons, and youtube clips and various texts and maps to teach the entire story of the world to my daughters in the span of one year.   

A lot of hours were spent in this room.  From Moses to Mohamed, Socrates to Jesus Christ, Alexander to Napoleon, Scheherazade to Shakespeare, Charlemagne to Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi to Chairman Mao.   The landscape that shaped us, the themes that drive and unite us, and finally how everyone's story, no matter how big or how small, matters to us all.

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