Sunday, February 19, 2017

Amazing Yurts at Honeyman State Park

Every so often, and especially during travel through the USA with my kids, we come across a place so weird and bizarre, that I forget completely about reading history and literature... and just marvel at how kinky and kitschy is our insane America.
One such place was the Ranger Station Yurt at Honeyman State Park.  I mean... just check this place out!
From the moment I opened the door and stepped into this weird world full of stuffed turkey vultures and beavers, butterfly collections pinned to cardboard, fossilized mammoth tusks and hanging bear skulls, awesome Bob Ross inspired landscape paintings and homespun quilts.... I felt I was in an Americana Time Warp.
There's something so uniquely American about these places. The musty smell of old wood.  The earthy dampness of the hanging tapestries.  The aroma of freshly percolating coffee in rusted tumblers.  Buildings from my childhood that lay preserved and perfected until years later for me to step into again... and feel no time has passed.  
We hung out here chatting with the rangers about hawks and bears and pinecone art... until the coffee went stale and the rain stopped outside.  It is Oregon, after all.  
Then... just like that we were off!  Racing down the sandy paths through the trees. Kids on bikes.  Dad jogging behind.  Time Warp Yurts left... for another adventure and another day.  

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