Friday, February 10, 2017

Anne Bradstreet's Spirit on the Road to Corvallis and Philomath, Oregon

 "Be still, thou unregenerate part,
Disturb no more my settled heart,
For I have vow'd (and so will do)
Thee as a foe still a pursue."  -Anne Bradstreet, Spirit

O' the back country roads of Oregon!  Driving the byways after a winter rain.

 "My thoughts do yield me more content
Than can thy hours in pleasure spent."  -Anne Bradstreet, Spirit

Through the Willamette Valley Wine Country.  The colors are so rich.

"Beyond thy dull Capacity
Eternal substance I do see
With which enriched I would be.
Mine eye doth pierce the heav'ns and see
What is invisible to thee."  -Anne Bradstreet, Spirit

Corvallis is a secret city of murals.

 "Nor sun nor moon they have no need
For glory doth from God proceed."  -Anne Bradstreet, Spirit

And a university for farmers...

 "No candle there, nor yet torch light,
For there shall be no darksome night.
From sickness and infirmity
Forevermore they shall be free."  -Anne Bradstreet, Spirit

Pulling off on the side of the road to read Anne Bradstreet.  The world is a portrait before us.

 "Nor withering age shall e're come there,
But beauty shall be bright and clear."  -Anne Bradstreet, Spirit

The tall grass climbing road signs.  The lonely solitude of a mailbox.

 "This city pure is not for thee
For things unclean there shall not be." -Anne Bradstreet, Spirit

Stopping for drinks at the Alsea Mercantile.

"If I of Heav'n may have my fill,
Take thou the world, and all that will."  -Anne Bradstreet, Spirit

The colors of the world are on display.  

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  1. is that last sentence in reference to nature or politics????