Saturday, February 18, 2017

Exploring the Oregon Dunes

We made it to the Oregon Dunes...
Which roll out like freshly glazed doughnut surrounded with sprinkles of evergreens...
From high atop the dunes... you could be an explorer, a discoverer of the new world....
Henry Hudson breaking ice from his beard.  
John Cabot straining in the dark to count stars.  
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado scraping the canyon dust for gold. 
Walter Raleigh smelling tobacco leaves on his fingers.  
John Smith dripping from his breastplate, standing in the stream hearing voices in the trees.  
All the stories of these flawed men we carry with us as we ascend the dunes and beyond...
We spent the entire afternoon rolling one after another down the steep banks.  Sand in our hair. Sand in our shirts.  Sand in our toenails and ears.  Sand in Daddy's beard.  Until we dipped in the water to wash away the day... but not the memory.  No, the memory of the earth, her story, broken and split into billions upon billions of fragments...stays inside us forever.

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