Monday, February 20, 2017

The Beauty of Heceta Head Lighthouse

One of my favorite places to visit along the Oregon Coast is the Heceta Head Lighthouse smack between Florence to the south and Yachats to the north.
There is easy parking along the sandy beach cove and a light trail through the trees.
There's even a nifty Bed and Breakfast if you want to hangout longer and watch the ocean from the front porch.  (Oh, and it's haunted.  You've been warned!)
From this little basecamp there are so many hikes and trails to wander around and become totally lost... which is kind of the point, isn't it?
Or just comb the beach like a madman and follow the streams into the trees and marvel at all this untouched natural glory.
The deeper we study our country's history, her literature ... we feel grounded in a way we never understood before, and as our modern political landscape seems to unravel around us... the natural spender and beauty of our American land becomes even more profound and impressive. We're on the road, we're happy, and we're together. That's all that matters.

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