Friday, February 24, 2017

TREES OF MYSTERY! Northern California

We cruised south from the Redwoods National Park about an hour along brilliant Highway 101 overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean toward the Trees of Mystery in Northern California.
We were met by a gigantic talking Paul Bunyan and his buddy Babe, the Blue Ox.  Yes, they talked... and delighted my kids by scaring them half to death.... which was awesome!
By the way, thats:
Crusades 1096
Magna Carta 1215
Columbus 1492
Pilgrims 1620
Independence 1776
California to the Union 1850
And now the Hartensteins... 2017!
I was shocked and amazed at this forest.  The paths, the split trees, the funny tree chapel.  It was awesome.
The tallest trees in the world are the Sequoias which reach heights of 300 feet.  The world's tallest tree is Hyperion, discovered in 2006, and is 379.7 feet tall... but scientist are keeping mum on its actual location.
So here's to the Redwoods... and the Trees of Mystery!

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