Monday, February 20, 2017

Whale Watching Off the Oregon Coast. The Sea Lion Caves.

We hit the Sea Lion Caves just north of Florence, Oregon on Highway 101.

It's about mid-point on the 400 miles long Oregon coast.

A vast system of underground caves where belching and howling grumpy old sea lions and seals come to sun themselves...
And be photographed by tourists for the last century.
There sure are a lot of different Sea Lions!
We strolled the long path overlooking the Pacific Ocean and watched spouts from humpback whales spray into the air.  A pair of them, frolicking and dancing in the water for over an hour.
Then it was time to get back into the car.  It was a nice break from our study of the Massachusetts' Colony and the whaling industry of New Hampshire that pushed seamen deeper into the North Atlantic. Here on the west coast... I hope we have a different outlook on life.

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