Sunday, March 26, 2017

Crossing Ferry to Victoria and Washington's Delaware

(The Icy Waters of the Salish Sea)

On December 25-26, 1776, George Washington crossed the Delaware River in a sneak attack against Hessian forced in Trenton, New Jersey.
(BC Ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo, packed like Sardines)

It was planned in secrecy, Washington leading a column of Continental Army troops across the icy water.  It was calculated, challenging, brave, and daring.
(But of course, my kids travel in style)

There were two other planned crossing in support but were either called off or not effective.
(I stood on the deck and watched the waves... let them lap up in the frozen winter air.)

Until that point, Washington had suffered a series of defeats, but capturing Trenton and the troops of Johann Rall a sign that the Revolutionary War was turning int he American's favor.
(Of course, there's always time for goofing off)

After the victory, Washington's army traveled back across the Delaware to Pennsylvania with prisoners and military stores.
(It's hard teaching the past.  Too much time spent in contemplation over things... the living care nothing about.  You have to drag people, kicking and screaming into the past.  You have to cross great divides, and it's rough seas.... but it turns the tide.  It makes all the difference in a life.)

I was thinking about Washington today... crossing from Vancouver onto Vancouver Island and making the short drive toward Victoria.  No poem or song about the General today.  Just a little reminder... to be a risk taker.  People can say what they want... but in the end, all you have our your memories. They might as well be worth it.

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