Monday, March 6, 2017

Lake Trillium and The Divine Source of Liberty

(Lake Trillium Photo of Mt. Hood)

"All temporal power is of God
And the magistral, his institution, laud
To but advance creaturely happiness aubaud:
Let us then affirm the Source of Liberty."  -Sam Adams

Just down the slope from the Timberline Lodge in the Mt. Hood National Forest is the Lake Trillium Campground and for my money the single best photo opportunity in all of Oregon... when the weather cooperates!
(Sam Adams is more than just a beer.  He was an American Statesman, a Political Philosopher, and Founding Father of America.  I love this poem for it's grandeur in scope but simplicity in verse.)

"Ever agreeable to the nature and will
of the Supreme and Guardian of all yet still
Employed for our rights and freedom's thrill
Thus proves the only Source of Liberty.
Through our civil joy is surely expressed
Through hearth, and home, and church manifest
Yet this too shall be a nation's true test:
To acknowledge the divine Source of Liberty."  -Sam Adams

We camp here, paddled out in canoes, swam out in the icy water, even snowshoed in on occasion.  A perfect picture for a perfect little Oregon adventure.

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