Friday, May 5, 2017

Reading Lewis's Journals at Memaloose State Park

(We camped a few days at the awesome little Memaloose State Park outside Hood River.)

"The track which we had pursued last evening soon disappeared.  I therefore resolved to proceed to the narrow pass on the creek about 10 miles west in hopes that I should again find the Indian road at the place..."  -Lewis, Aug 11, 1805
(Uncle Grant brought his trailer and the kids biked up and down through the trees.)

"We made the Indians sensible of their dependance on the will of our government for every species of merchandize as well for their defense and comfort; and apprized them of the strength of our government and its friendly disposition towards them."  -Lewis, Aug. 17, 1805
(It's not buffalo and elk, but suffice to say, we ate very well.)

"This morning we were detained until 9 a.m. in consequence of the absence of one of Charbono's horses, the horse at length being recovered we set out at a distance of fifteen miles passed through a country similar to that of yesterday."  -Lewis, April 27, 1806
(The picture doesn't convey, but the wind through the Gorge was so mighty I had to tie the tent between two trees and even then it was a terrible and restless night of sleep.  Of course, we were awoken repeatedly by the passing train... but that just adds to the fun!)

"At half after eleven the hunters returned from the chase unsuccessful.  I now ordered the horses saddled, smoked a pipe with these friendly people and at noon bid them adieu."  -Lewis, July 4, 1806
(But eventually the wind stopped and the sun came out and I caught a super sunrise.)

"We arose early and resumed our operations in completely our canoes which we completed by 10 a.m. ... the wind abated and we transported our baggage and meat to the opposite shore in our canoes which we found answered even beyond our expectations."  -Lewis, July 12, 1806
(Of course, my Korean hiking socks made an appearance.)

"The morning proved fair, I slept sound but fortunately awoke as day appeared, I awaked the men and directed the horses to be saddled, I was so soar from my ride yesterday that I could scarcely stand and the men complained of being in a similar situation however I encouraged them by telling them that our own lives as well as those of our friends and fellow travelers depended on our exertions."  -Lewis, July 28, 1806
(I love reading the Journals of Lewis and Clark here along the Columbia and imagine their harrowing adventures over a hot cup of coffee.  Good Morning, Everybody!)

"I arose early this morning and made a drawing of the falls after which we took breakfast and departed.  I steered my course through the wide and level plains which have somewhat the appearance of an ocean."  -Lewis.  July 17, 1806

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