Friday, May 12, 2017

Sunset at Waikki Beach Cape Disappointment

Cape Disappointment was named by fur trader John Mears in 1788.  (Yes! That's before the Constitution!) He had sailed south from Nootka in search of trade and turned back during a violent storm just missing the discovery of the Columbia River.  Four years later, George Vancouver credits Mears with the name "Cape Disappointment" in 1792.
Waikiki Beach received its name when a Hawaiian sailor's body washed ashore after his ship was wrecked in a failed attempt to cross the Columbia River bar in 1811.
Of course, as my kids and I camp here with friends, I couldn't help think about Lewis and Clark and their wintering here near Fort Clatsop... and the weird mix of sadness yet jubilation that beach stirs inside your hear.  
Walking along this lonesome stretch of sand, so far from home, far from the destinations that await...  watching the sun fall over the Pacific, it weighs heavy inside.
What the Corps of Discovery must have thought .... walking this same beach.  Hunting for game.  Trading with the local Indians.  Watching these logs wash ashore and looking out at the horizon wondering.... what is out there?  And more profoundly, however will we make it back home?
We sat around the campfire that night... after hiking and playing and fort building... with our thick coats and headlamps and roasted marshmallows... laughing and giggling.  Life is good this way.  We turn from disappointment and follow the rising sun east.

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